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In this long-awaited (?) chapter:

  • Yuiko meets Taiga's friend Kouji.
  • Taiga gains a nickname (which he hates).
  • More fujoshi craziness!

What more could you need? Regular releases aside, that is. …>.>;;

Latest: Fujoshi Kanojo, v1c4 (DDL1/DDL2/torrent)

If you've ever seen the name "Cala-kun" anywhere, that would be me. I've stuck my hand in a few projects in certain groups, but haven't been much of a productive contributor. I think I'm just not great at working to other people's deadlines/pressures. And if the series is popular, they'll usually have enough people doing it.

Still, I've always wanted to deliver something to the community, so here I am, doing my own stuff at my own pace. Whatever it is I do, whenever it is done (>.<;;), I hope that it will be enjoyed by somebody. Peace. ._. v

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